What we do?

A loyalty program is not a goal in itself, it’s a way to better understand customers and gain insights about their individual needs. It is also a way to interact with a customer according to their preferences.

By applying data driven marketing throughout the customer journey, the customer experience can be incrementally and structurally improved by being more personal and more relevant. Both in communications as well as for the overall proposition.

Our approach is based on 6 pillars

Loyalty Rockstars - Data Analysis & Customer Insights

Data analysis & Customer insights

We help with finding, merging and analyzing all your data and customer research. We translate this into relevant and useful customer insights and comprehensive customer profiles, which will be the foundation of the program.

Loyalty Rockstars - Customer Loyalty Strategy

CRM/ Loyalty / CX Strategy

A customer program is a way to strengthen the customer relationship and improve the customer experience. Together with our clients we determine the definition of loyalty for their customers and their organization. Based on customer insights we develop the framework for a successful loyalty program: vision, the business case, objectives, a value proposition, program construct, roadmap and a creative strategic concept.

Loyalty Rockstars - IT Tooling & Implementation

IT Architecture & Implementation

Customer programs depend on technology and data. A strong customer program will improve the customer experience across all touchpoints, but the IT landscape must be ready for it. As a platform independent advisor we guide companies in setting up their IT landscape by helping them determine their requirements, user stories and selecting the right suppliers. We assist our clients by implementing these systems in order to create the optimal customer experience.

Loyalty Rockstars - Contact opnemen Interim

Customer Contact Strategy

An effective program comes with a tailored customer contact strategy to share relevant content at the right time for the right customers through their preferred channel. Through our loyalty maturity model we design an omnichannel customer contact strategy and translate this into a concrete roadmap.

Loyalty Rockstars - Interim & Campaign Management

Interim & Campaign Management

From plan to program! For many companies it is a challenge to divide a plan into smaller parts and steps and to determine where to start. In addition, these activities usually come on top of the normal work. We help our clients deploy and run programs and their customer contact strategy.

Design Sprint

Concept Design Sprints

From problem to concrete concept. A design sprint is the way to develop a concrete, tested and validated concept in 5 days. As a team you generate new insights and create a prototype that meet the needs of your customers. We can help and provide the entire design sprint as a facilitator or fulfill the role of expert. This gives you the opportunity to get most out of the sprint.

How we work?

In our work we apply three phases: starting with a discover phase after which we move to the design and deliver phase. By using this model we are able to be flexible and respond to changing circumstances.

Loyalty Rockstars - discover


We create a complete profile of our client and their customer needs through analytics, interviews, workshops and research. Using our loyalty maturity model we determine where companies stand in the model on different topics, where they want to go and what the roadblocks are in order to move on to the next phase and design a solution.

Loyalty Rockstars - design


We define the objective and the strategy. We design a solution for the challenge of the customer, such as creating a loyalty strategy, designing the optimal IT architecture or customer contact strategy of the program.

Loyalty Rockstars deliver


We implement customer programs or different IT-systems. Furthermore, we develop the concept into concrete resources, content and campaigns. We help with the execution of the program and campaigns. We will test, learn and optimize.


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