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We build valuable relationships
between our clients
and their customers

What does Loyalty Rockstars?

Loyalty Rockstars offers customer engagement & loyalty consultancy and assist clients with the design, set-up and execution of effective, unique loyalty programs. Programs that build a lasting relationship as well as value to our client and their customers.

Our belief

We believe that loyalty comes from emotionally binding customers to a brand and improving the overall customer experience. And as in any healthy relationship it starts with getting to know each other. Customer data and market research are therefore the starting point of our work. Converting that data into relevant, actionable customer insights is the first step.


We look beyond transactional data to build a 360-degree customer profile and provide actionable customer insights. By continuously implementing relevant customer insights and knowledge about the customer, brands can become even more relevant and personal. With improved customer experience across all touch points , the total customer experience will be brought to a higher level.

What we do

We help our clients maximizing customer loyalty by creating effective and unique customer program based on 6 pillars. 

Loyalty Rockstars - Data Analysis & Customer Insights

Data analysis & Customer insights

We help with finding, merge and analyze data and customer research. We translate this to relevant and useful customer insights and a 360 degree customer view, which will be the foundation of the program.

Loyalty Rockstars - Customer Loyalty Strategy

Customer Loyalty Strategy

A customer program is a way to strengthen the customer relationship. Together with our clients we determine the definition of loyalty for their customers and their organization. Based on customer insights we develop the framework of a successful loyalty program: vision, business case, objectives and developing a value proposition, construct and a creative strategic concept.

Loyalty Rockstars - IT Tooling & Implementation

IT Tooling & Implementation

Customer programs depend on technology and data. A strong customer program will improve the customer experience across all touch points, but the decor of the IT landscape must be ready for it. As a platform independent advisor we guide companies in setting up their IT landscape by helping them with the setting of their requirements, user stories and selecting the right suppliers. We assist our clients by implementing these systems in order to create the optimal customer experience.

Loyalty Rockstars - Contact opnemen Interim

Customer Contact Strategy

An effective program has a tailored customer contact strategy to share relevant content at the right time for the right customers through their preferred channel. Through our loyalty maturity model we will design a omnichannel customer contact strategy and we will translate this into a concrete roadmap. This roadmap will help realize the long term ambitions.

Loyalty Rockstars - Interim & Campaign Management

Interim & Campaign Management

From plan to program! For companies it is a challenge to divide a plan into pieces and determine where they should start. In addition, these activities usually come on top of the current work. We can help our clients deploying/running programs and their customer contact strategy.

Loyalty Rockstars - Optimization & Innovation

Optimization & Innovation

After the implementation of the program, the focus will be on the performance of the program. What are the results, what type of customers joined and where are the opportunities to grow and renew? By showing the most important KPI’s in a dashboards, convert new data into actionable insights and integrate the latest trends, we help our clients to optimize the value for the customer (customer experience) and the value of the customer.