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What is the best way
to improve our CRM
& marketing automation set up?

Case We Fashion

Vendor Selection of the CRM & Marketing Automation landscape.

Data analysis & Customer insights

Customer Loyalty Strategy

Customer Contact Strategie


For several years WE Fashion has developed a loyalty program, We is Me. To take the next step in the development of the program this requires (amongst others) an update of their current CRM and Marketing Automation landscape. The current set up is at the limits of its possibilities and doesn’t fulfill current and future needs.


In the discover phase we conducted interviews and reviewed internal documents to form the most important insights. This was the main input for the design phase, in which we designed requirements, user stories and the future, desired landscape. In the deliver phase we created RFI and RFP and gave our final recommendation.


The recommendation formed the blueprint for the renewed set up of the CRM & MA IT landscape for years to come.