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How can Visit Brabant
create more jobs
and more visiters
how spend more?

Case Visit Brabant

Strategy, roadmap and concept development for new loyalty program.

IT Architecture, Tooling & Implementation

Customer Contact Strategy

Data analysis & Customer insights


North Brabant is a special and diverse province. However, it falls behind other touristic areas in the Netherlands. Potential visitors don’t know what Brabant has to offer for them specifically. Visit Brabant wanted a loyalty program that rewards and retains everyone who does something for Brabant.


We started with desk research, developing different customer personas, their needs and their barriers to visit Brabant. Based on these insights we have developed Brabants Best: a program, a creative concept and roadmap, in which members are enticed to come to Brabant by personal benefit, inspiration and privileges by means of predictive analytics and User Generated Content.


Visit Brabant has chosen our concept to further develop and use as a blueprint for the approval of the budget by different govermental bodies. The program is scheduled to be piloted in 2017 and rolled out in 2018.