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Innovative Morning
@ Tony’s Chocolonely

Innovative Morning @ Tony’s Chocolonely

Thursday December 1th Loyalty Rockstars organized the innovative morning breakfast event. The though behind this morning was creating an inspiring morning with the possibility to share experience and knowledge about customer loyalty. The invited CRM managers and (online/email) marketers are working at different companies such as Sissy Boy, Hunkemöller, Bloomon and SBS.

After the tour through the office and the Chocolab of Tony’s Chocolonely the innovative morning started with twelve people in the shop from Tony’s. Loyalty Rockstars prepared different subjects and matching quotes to start a discussion and conversation. Because of the small scale of the group many experiences and questions were shared with each other.

Different subjects where discussed this morning, one of them was the release of IOS 10 and in which ways it influence e-commerce. IOS 10 on IPhone and IPad filters emails, send from an standard email list. When this is the case, an unsubscribe button automatically appears. But it still isn’t clear if every marketing mail is filtered. For companies this influence the open ratio of their send emails. Other features are the possibility to watch movies directly in the email and an improvement of the auto-scaling (Litmus, 2016).

Loyalty 3.0 was one of the other discussed subjects, also named social loyalty. It’s a relatively new way to create loyal customers by motivating and rewarding customers in combination with social media, gamification and Big Data (Emerce, 2014). The question many companies have is: “When is a customer loyal?”. First a company should establish criteria and they have to decide when a customer falls under which criteria. To be able to make the decision which data is relevant, companies can have a look at the monetary value, the frequency, the duration of the relationship or if they follow the brand on social media.

Once this is established you may wonder whether you want to communicate this. When a consumer is loyal in the eyes of the brand it’s nice to communicate this fact, but what do you do when your consumers become inactive? It is also important to take the customer lifecycle into account, so highlights and / or milestones should be celebrated.

Starting a loyalty program asks for a lot of time and is a continuous process. Both when the program is developed as when it is started already, there will be many questions. At the innovative morning the next question pops up: “Is a loyalty program without saving points, discount or other action a possibility?”. Definitely, for example with an tell-a-friend action, by naming consumers as an ambassador and reward intrinsic value. When there is an point saving/reward system, all the multi-channel communication should be tuned with each other and also with the cash desks in the stores. Another problems often faced is the accessibility of data for different sections and data privacy is still a grey and unknown subject for many marketers.

We received many positive reactions after this morning. The next Innovative Morning will take place in June, with new subjects and at a different inspiring setting. Want to join? Sent an email to