What do we do?

Loyalty Rockstars offer customer engagement and loyalty consultancy since 2015. We assist clients with the design, set-up and execution of effective, unique loyalty programs. Programs that build a lasting relationship as well as value to our client and their customers. And as in any healthy relationship it starts with getting to know each other.

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“We believe that loyalty comes from emotionally binding customers to a brand and improving the overall customer experience.”

Customer data and market research are therefore the starting point of our work. Converting that data into relevant, actionable customer insights is the first step.We look beyond transactional data to build a 360-degree customer profile and provide actionable customer insights. By continuously implementing data analytics and incorporating relevant customer insights brands can be more relevant and personal across all touch points. Due to this the total customer experience will improve.

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Loyalty Rockstars is founded in 2015, we help big and small client to improve the customer relationship. Our team consists of different permanent and flexible Rockstars. In our free time we practice 17 different sports. Our office is located at the Entrada in Duivendrecht, where good coffee is offered, and which is good accessible. We grow fast and are always looking for new colleagues and interns

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