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We build valuable
relationships between
our clients and
their customers

What we do?

Loyalty Rockstars offers customer engagement & loyalty consultancy and assist clients with the design, set-up and execution of effective, unique loyalty programs and customer engagement programs. Programs that build a lasting relationship as well as value to our client and their customers.

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“A loyalty program is not a goal in itself, it is a way to strengthen the relationship between a customer and a brand.”


A loyalty program is not a goal in itself, it’s a way to understand customers better and gain insights about their individual needs. It is also a way to interact with a customer according to their preferences. By applying data driven marketing throughout the customer journey, the customer experience can be incrementally and structurally improved by being more personal and more relevant. Both in communications  as for the overall proposition.

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How we work?

Loyalty Rockstars - discover


Loyalty Rockstars - design


Loyalty Rockstars deliver


What we do?

For creating and renewing customer engagement and loyalty programs we use 6 building pillars.

Loyalty Rockstars - Data Analysis & Customer Insights

Data Analysis & Customer Insights

Loyalty Rockstars - Customer Loyalty Strategy

Customer Loyalty Strategy

Loyalty Rockstars - IT Tooling & Implementation

IT Tooling & Implementation

Loyalty Rockstars - Contact opnemen Interim

Customer Contact Strategy

Loyalty Rockstars - Interim & Campaign Management

Interim & Campaign Management

Loyalty Rockstars - Optimization & Innovation

Optimization & Innovation