Case Studelta

Development of a customer contact strategy and the IT-landscape.

Data analysis & Customer insights

IT Architecture & Implementation

Customer Contact Strategy

Interim & Campaign Management


Studelta is a ‘ a recruitment organisation extraordinaire’: a mix between a recruitment organisation for the public sector and a training company for young talent. Studelta exists over 10 years and with its own unique identity, values and methods, Studelta has helped thousands of talents with the development of their personality, capabilities and career. Studelta wanted a new customer contact strategy in order to be able to serve their talents and clients better and build a more personal and long-term relationship.


We analyzed how customer engagement could be improved by developing insights based on analysis of the available data, current IT infrastructure and interviews with all the relevant stakeholders.


During the deliver phase we developed a new customer contact strategy in which we also advised on a new data- and IT-landscape, one of the bottlenecks during the next phase. This next phase consisted of the selection and implementation of the main part of the digital CRM landscape. In addition to the strategy, we developed various campaigns that can be set up after the new IT landscape is implemented.


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