Case Hunkemöller

How can we better respond to customer behavior with a new email marketing strategy?
Improve customer relationship with a new email marketing strategy.

Customer Contact Strategy


Hunkemöller is an international clothing brand, specialized in lingerie. Hunkemöller has developed the loyalty program ‘My Hunkemöller’ , that allows customers to save for and redeem Passion Points. Hunkemöller wanted to renew her email marketing strategy to build a more relevant and personal relationship with its customers.


During the discover phase we started with market and desk research to better understand Hunkemöller and their customers. After which we conducted in-depth stakeholders interviews to understand the current position of Hunkemöller in the field of CRM/Loyalty, IT, organization and customer relationships.


The customer and organizational insights and the new segmentation model where the base for the new email marketing strategy of Hunkemöller, in which differentiation based on customer profile plays a central role.


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