Case Albert Heijn

How can we service our customers in the most personal and optimal way?
My Bonus: Strategy- and concept development, implementation & launch of a personal loyalty program.

Loyalty Rockstars

Data analysis & Customer insight

CRM / Loyalty / CX Strategy

Customer Contact Strategy

IT Architecture & Implementation

Interim & Campaign management


Albert Heijn wanted to renew its discount card by introducing the Bonus card, a more personal card with a  loyalty program. The route towards a more customer centric approach. The new program aimed to increase the loyalty of its frequent customers. The challenge was to set up a completely new program within a year, to introduce and inspire customers while taking into account the relevant privacy laws and regulations.


As employees of Albert Heijn we started, together with Customer Insights and an external data company, analyzing large amounts of data and customer surveys to distill relevant customer insights. Based on these insights, we designed the strategy, the segmentation model and set up the pillars of the program. This pillars are Personal Deals, Privileges and the Air Miles program. For the new program, we created and supervised new internal business processes and we held internal (stakeholders) and external (suppliers & partners) roadshows. In addition, we launched a national mass media and digital campaigns and trained the call center and store employees. Furthermore, we built an IT and business roadmap to bring the program to the next phase.


With the launch campaign we subscribed 2,5 million customers to the My Bonus program within 3 months. We  introduced a new platform to reward, thank and inspire customers in a personal and relevant manner. Creating loyalty among customers and increasing incremental sales for loyal and regular customers. A high degree of relevance for all participants, opening rate of 50% and a participation rate of almost 10% in the bi-weekly campaigns.


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